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About Rhadiyah (Arabic name, pronounced Rod-ee-yah, which means all pleasing) Hutchen…an awareness expert, an up and coming Author, Doctor of Naturopathy Student, Transformational Professional Health/Wellness Coach who also offers Personal Chef Services was founded in 2013 and is based out of Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Rhadiyah Hutchen, LLC was founded by Rhadiyah.  Between these fields, Rhadiyah has more than 20 years of experience.  Rhadiyah travels throughout the state of Georgia providing her chef services as well as her knowledge of essential oils and wholefood nutrition by way of online classes, pampering services, DIY workshops and more.  As for the coaching services, this service is international via the internet as well as in person (on an as needed basis).

Keeping with her mission and as an enthusiastic advocate of natural health care, she began encouraging and counseling other women to seek natural solutions to their health conditions during the course of and upon completion of formal studies.

Rhadiyah’s Mission
Rhadiyah’s mission is to help you alkalize your way to better health, by sharing knowledge of as well as creating customized programs and/or products and services, as well as meals for her clients that will enhance their quality of life so as to help their bodies heal themselves.

Rhadiyah’s Philosophy
Rhadiyah believes that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, as it is the key to her success. In listening to her clients she works with them so they will have the best care possible with her products and/or services. Rhadiyah strives to build positive relationships with her clients in order to connect with them in a way that best serves their needs.

Meet Rhadiyah Hutchen

Greetings and Welcome!

Rhadiyah is known for being resourceful throughout her travels. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rhadiyah has lived in many other states, as well as having lived abroad (UAE, Gambia, and Egypt).  Presently, Rhadiyah resides in Georgia where she shares her life with her children.

Rhadiyah has had more than her share of health challenges from a very young age until recently.  Having been diagnosed with and having overcome Candida, Rhadiyah created her first website understanding candida as a way of helping others with the same or similarly related health issues to find successful solutions to their health challenges.  Rhadiyah’s mother a southern bell, a homemaker, great cook and baker is partly responsible for her love of cooking and baking.  Because Rhadiyah has always enjoyed such rich tasting cuisine from many cultures in addition to the roots of her parents, Rhadiyah has been fortunate to teach herself how to make such rich tasting cuisine by using healthier versions because of her illness as well as having been challenged with children who also have had health issues stemming from Asthma to Celiac Disease.  Not only does she make delicious, healthy and nutritious meals for her family and friends that she loves to entertain, but she shares her knowledge with others by way of cooking and baking classes.  If you are a busy mother but would like to have healthy meals and/or desserts, she also does catering upon request.

Rhadiyah obtained her knowledge in health-related issues from a combination of her personal experience, the experiences of others, independent study, and formal studies as well. She currently possess a Master’s in Counseling from Capella University, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work from Union Institute & University ; a Natural Childbirth Educator, formerly of the Bradley Method®, and now Amani Birth, a Certified Full Spectrum Reflexologist, from the Modern Institute of Reflexology, a Professional Certification in Health Coaching from MLMU University as well as being a Fitness Coach through TerraFit.  She was also a member of the American Personal & Private Chef Association.

Presently her local services are limited to the Atlanta, Stone Mountain, Georgia region; however, she does travel as well as offering many services and products that are available worldwide via the internet.

Nutritional healing is based upon whole food nutrition.  If you are interested in Rhadiyah speaking at your next event, health fair, retreat or other wellness events as well as any of her services, workshops and/or products, you may contact her by clicking here.


Rhadiyahhutchen.com is not a licensed therapist or medical practitioner.  Please understand that professional coaching is different from medical care, counseling, psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis and does not deal with the diagnosis or treatment of medical, emotional or psychological problems. The client is responsible for all his or her decisions, actions and feelings. Further, rhadiyahhutchen.com is a website that provides nutritional counseling, and/or health & fitness coaching. We are not health care providers, advisors or consultants. The information provided in or about our products, services and website is presented for educational purposes only. The proceeding statements about such products and/or services have not been evaluated by the FDA.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat prevent or cure any disease nor is any such claim made, and it is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and/or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional. As a nutritional counselor/ health coach, we do not make any medical diagnosis, claims and/or substitute for a physician’s care, if you have a serious health condition; we encourage you to consult your physician.


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  • Khadijah Roberts

    As salaamu alaiyki Sis! Just read your about me page! masha Allah not only is it a pleasure doing doTerra essential oils with you… its your aqeedah and caring personality that bonds our companionship. Reading your expertise is humbling to know masha Allah!
    May Allah Bless you with success in this world and in the hereafter Allahummah Ameen!

  • rhadiyah@rhadiyahhutchen.com Post author

    Wa alaiki salaam wa rahmatullah! Awh, Alhamdulillah! Ameen. Baraka Allahu fiki.