Amani Childbirth Education Classes

amani birth

Natural Childbirth is a beautiful and effective alternative to Lamaze.  We have small personalized classes by nationally certified instructors. Learn how to give birth naturally and keep your baby and yourself with minimum low-risk Lord-willing.

Lord-willing during the classes we will go over:

Class 1~Mother’s Needs in Pregnancy & Pregnancy Exercises

Class 2~Physiology of Pregnancy & Pregnancy Nutrition

Class 3~The Purpose of Labor & Stages of Labor

Class 4~The Role of Hormones & Mother’s Needs in Labor & Birth

Class 5~Overview of Labor & Birth, Working with Your Body

Class 6~ Protecting Your Birth Environment & Intuition

Class 7~Birth Team Roles & Birthing Positions

Class 8~Complications & Minimizing Medical Interference

Class 9~ Making the Birth Plan & Labor Practice

Class 10~After Birth Care & Breastfeeding & Baby Care

For the class series, the cost is $420 which also includes your very own workbook! Please send payment as a friend to my Paypal account  To officially register, please fill out this form.  So that I am able to get to know you better prior to our class, I ask that you also fill this out.

***For a discount on your tuition, you can earn $10 off per referral.  Your referral has to have paid their tuition as well as mentioning your name in order for you to qualify!***