AromaDome Therapy

What is AromaDome Therapy?


AromaDome® Therapy is a treatment custom designed enclosure used for diffusing therapeutic grade essential oils. The AromaDome® tenting system offers you a chance to experience an intensive inhalation of therapeutic grade essential oils lasting up to 30 minutes. The tent or dome is placed over the upper body while lying down on a comfortable mat or table and then a selection of essential oils is diffused as you relax and breathe deeply with intent.   This therapy is excellent for those with upper respiratory and/or allergy issues.  The cost for this therapy is $45.  For an extra $25, you can enjoy a Bemer session.

***Earn a $10 discount on your service when you refer! Your referral has to have mentioned your name and paid for a service in order for you to qualify!  $10 off each service per referral!***