Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes


Don’t know how to cook or perhaps you just want to cook healthier??? Either way, we are here to help!  By learning to prepare healthy and delicious meals, you can create savory dishes from scratch by using all natural ingredients that will not only improve your health but tastes great as well!  After the meal has been prepared (at the end of each class), we all sit-down and enjoy the meal together.

Classes include:

♦     Shopping

♦     Recipes

♦     Tips

♦     and renewed confidence in your kitchen!

Check below to find the perfect style of class for you!

Learn to prepare anything from raw, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and/or meals prepared with poultry, fish, halal or kosher lamb, goat and/or beef.  Classes are either one-on-one and/or by a group! Such classes are completely customized to accommodate your specific needs.


Individual Classes

Learn the art of cooking in one of our custom designed in-home (your home or another facility) cooking classes. You (or you and a small group) will be completely engrossed in the cooking experience with this hands-on-training style class.

2.5 Hour Cooking Class: $125 + Groceries–$250 (monies for groceries are required upon consultation/assessment)
Class is designed for one to two people; if more than two each additional person is $45 (up to 4 additional people)
Series of 3 Cooking Classes/ 2.5 Hours Each: $375 + Groceries (monies for groceries are required upon consultation/assessment).

Prices for the Private Classes are for the Stone Mountain, Atlanta area only.  For classes outside of these areas, additional charges may be required, feel free to contact me for more details.

Children’s Cooking Classes (ages 12 years or younger)


How about hosting a class at your school, home, or summer camp?  We can provide customized cooking classes at your location

Package 1:
The children will prepare chosen menu item.
(entire group makes the same)
The class will be approximately 1½ hours long*.
Included in the price – food, cooking utensils, and 1 instructor.
$25.00 per child (minimum of 12 children per class).
Travel fees ($.54 per mile) apply to locations further than 10 miles from my home in Stone Mountain.

Package 2:
The children will prepare one menu choice and a craft.
The class will be approximately 2½ hours long*.
Included in the price – food, cooking utensils, craft supplies and 1 instructor.
$35.00 per child (minimum of 12 children per class).
Travel fees ($.54 per mile) apply to locations further than 10 miles from my home in Stone Mountain.

Package 3:
Etiquette Class

Table Setting
The children will learn how to set a full table setting.
How to sit, napkin on lap, how to handle silverware,
Where to place silverware and glass while eating
Why and how to chew food thoroughly (good info for grown ups too!)
How to be excused from table

Healthy lunch and beverage are served!
The Class is 2 hours long at $30 per child For larger classes, if you would like to request a second Party Chef to assist at the class, the cost will be $35.00.

We can offer food options to facilities that do not have an oven. Please ask about this type of class.

Final guest count is due one week prior to the scheduled class date.

Please Note the time allotted for the class is spent preparing/cooking their food and creating their craft. Please allow time afterward for the children to enjoy their creations. Also, the Chef will clean up their work station, but will not stay to clean up the table where the kids are enjoying their food.

Cooking Class Menu Choices:
Personal Pizza Pocket-where you make your own pizza (or Fruit Pizza)

Baked Mac n Cheese

Tuna Wraps

Fried Chicken

Bean Burritos

Beef Tacos

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Strawberry Shortcake

♦ Banana Pudding

Decorate Your Own Cupcakes

Cooking Class Craft Choices:
Recipe Box
Personalized apron
We can also customize a menu for your weekend enrichment programs, preschool programs, summer camp programs, scout troops, youth groups and/or special events! Let us help you with a create your own special fundraiser!

***New Group Classes For Cooking With Essential Oils***

We are currently looking into locations for a commercial kitchen to offer our Cooking With Essential Oils cooking classes.  Stay tuned for a location near you!

***Earn a $10 discount on your class when you refer!  Your referral has to have mentioned your name and completed a class or series of classes in order for you to qualify!***

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