Detoxification Courses

What Are Detoxification Courses???


These are courses designed for the do it yourselfers who would like to detox but don’t know where to begin. These courses include shopping lists, menus and recipes. Other courses in addition to the aforementioned also include exercises and breathing techniques. Here you can purchase these courses, then download them and begin at your leisure!

Detoxification Courses

The (one) 1 day course is FREE and is designed to get you used to drinking (staying hydrated throughout the day), as this is the one area many lack on a daily basis. Just simply click here to get your course and enjoy! I would love to hear/read about your experiences, so please be sure to share them on our blog. If however you would like to understand the whole process of alkalization, be sure to continue reading.

Understanding How an Alkaline Diet Works

Alkaline diets are a popular choice for people who want to achieve optimum good health. However, many people don’t actually understand this diet or how it works. The concept is actually fairly simple – the diet just focuses on regaining the balance that was lost when man started to eat a more domesticated diet. Instead of focusing on foods that are high in sugar, fat, and cholesterol, an alkaline diet primarily consists of fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy whole grains, wholesome protein sources such as beans and legumes, and healthy oils such as canola, olive and flax seed. These foods may be either alkaline or acid in their natural state, but they all produce what is termed as an “alkaline ash” once digested and metabolized by the body. When the body’s pH is kept at a slightly alkaline level, all the systems can work more efficiently.

Understanding the Effects of the Body’s pH Level

The pH level of the body has the ability to affect every single cell of the body. When the blood has an alkaline pH instead of an acidic pH, it will have a positive effect on how every bodily system functions. The brain, circulatory system, nerves, muscles, respiratory system, digestive system, and reproductive system can all benefit from a proper pH level. On the other hand, when the pH of the body is too acidic, it is susceptible to many diseases and problems. Weight gain, heart disease, premature aging, fatigue, nerve problems, allergies, muscle disease and cancer are all more prevalent when the body’s pH is not optimal. Because these problems are all more likely to occur when the body’s pH is too acid, it makes good sense to eat a diet rich in alkalizing foods. The primary goal is usually to eat approximately 75-80% alkaline foods along with only about 20-25% acidifying foods. If this level is maintained in the diet, the end result is a slightly alkaline pH in the body, which is perfect for optimum good health.

Choosing Foods for an Alkaline Diet

It’s actually quite easy to eat a diet rich in alkaline-producing foods. Most fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent choices. Red meat is not a good choice, but you can add plenty of protein to your meals by using, delicious beans, legumes, and nuts such as almonds. You should eliminate unhealthy fats from your diet, but you can use good fats such as olive, canola, and flax seed oil. High fat dairy products should be avoided, but you can drink goat’s milk. Cheeses made from goat’s milk would also be good choices. Replace the empty calories of soda with delicious iced herb tea, green tea and lemon water. Coffee should be avoided, but you can drink hot herbal or green tea. Replace pasta with healthy whole grains such as wild rice, millet and quinoa. When sweetening your foods, focus on natural products such as raw sugar, Stevia and maple sugar. As you can see, you’ll have many nutritious choices that are both delicious and high in alkalizing properties.

Use the food chart and acidity test below to make your lifestyle more alkaline and reap the benefits of vibrant health & abundant energy.  In order to truly benefit from this knowledge you will want to test your acid level by performing this simple test below (please click image):

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Discover How Alkaline Food Works & Download The Complete List of Alkaline Foods

Once you get more skilled you will be able to create your own recipes. Be sure to click this image below for additional tools (alkaline food chart) to help you get started!

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Discover How Alkaline Food Works & Download The Complete List of Alkaline Foods

Our 10 (ten) and 21 (twenty-one) day course is presently being made, so be sure to check back for it.  Our next course is our infamous Getting Right For Ramadan Course and our Detoxify Me Course. The Getting Right For Ramadan course consists of a 29-30 day regiment one can observe just before or during the month of Ramadan. I could tell you more here, but they are so special, they each have their own pages! Just click the highlighted links for the details. As for the Detoxify Me course, it is similar to our Getting Right For Ramadan course except that it is broken up into breakfast, snacks, lunches and dinners (even though each main course is very filling so there isn’t really any need for snacking, yet they are there for you if you feel you need them).

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