Personal Chef

What is a Personal Chef?


A personal chef is a business owner that serves multiple clients on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  The personal chef comes into your home on a specific, agreed upon cook date and prepares multiple meals for you and/or your family in accordance with your dietary needs. These meals can be prepared weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly for you to enjoy in the convenience of your own home.

Starting with a FREE in-home consultation, together we customize a menu and choose a cook date that works with your schedule. Afterward, I then plan the shopping list, on the morning of the agreed upon cook date, I

     Shop for the freshest ingredients

     Bring my own equipment to your kitchen

    Prepare the meals you have selected

    Package them accordingly

♦     Label them with complete re-heating instructions

♦     Clean your kitchen, leaving it stocked with delicious/nutritious food ready for you and your family to enjoy!

We currently service the Atlanta, Stone Mountain areas of Georgia.

Why hire a personal chef?

Usually, personal chefs are hired so that busy families are able to spend more quality time together, eat healthier, and/or save money.  Here are other situations that may require personal chef services:

   New or expectant mothers

In many cultures the expectant mother is given special treatment (especially towards the end her pregnancy and at least 6 weeks after the birth of her child) in that either other family members or a doula sees to the needs of the expectant mother to ensure she receives the best care while caring for herself and/or her baby.  Why not begin the arrival of your newborn in such a special way?  This will enable you all to enjoy the new baby while we do all of the cooking and kitchen clean up. This makes an excellent gift!

    Babies and toddlers

As your baby grows, why not make sure he/she gets the best foods by giving her/him real unprocessed food that comes straight from your local farmer?  In so doing, this will increase immunity, thus saving you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in unnecessary medical bills down the road!   This is the perfect gift for new parents!


Have the perfect dine out romantic experience right from the comfort of your own home!

     Elderly/ Sick

This is a great service for a loved one who might be sick and/or has difficulty getting around.

     Anyone with health restrictions and special dietary needs

Perhaps there are health challenges you find difficult to meet, such as: gluten-free, low-carb, vegan, live/raw; low fat, nut free, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

     Non-cookers and busy people

Perhaps you or someone you know have cooking challenges or don’t have a lot of time???  Not to worry, we’re here to help!

Other Services Available:

♦     Small catered dinners and receptions (up to 150 people)
♦     Cooking classes
     Catering up to 150 people (upon request)

How it Works

When I meet with the client for the first time and we agree to finalize the cook date, I require my minimal fee ($ 275) plus a grocery deposit of $250. If I don’t use the entire deposit, I will return the remaining amount to the client, but if in the event $250 doesn’t cover it, I will then call you to inform you while I am at the store so that you will have enough time to go out to get the remainder of the monies, as I will need the cash for the remaining balance due upon my arrival to your home.


We start off with a complimentary (FREE), no-obligation consultation is provided so to determine the types of dietary meals, taking into consideration your allergy requirements, taste preferences and the service that will best suit your needs.that best suit your health goals and lifestyle. We will then take into consideration your dietary preferences, restrictions, and health conditions. All of your custom meals will be prepared with healthy quality ingredients and made in your very own kitchen. This initial assessment will provide us with important information to make special and healthy meals you will love.

In addition, we will determine the menu plan that will best meet your needs, including how often you would like the service. At this time we will take a full payment to secure your first cook date.

On the scheduled service date, I shop for the freshest ingredients available and bring all the equipment required to thoughtfully and carefully prepare your selections.  Everything is prepared to your specifications in the safety of your home without any chemical preservatives.

Your customized meals are then stored in containers with the number of servings that meet your needs—with all servings in one for family-style meals or divided into double or single portions.  Each container is labeled with complete handling and heating instructions.

I’ll leave your kitchen just as I found it.  The only evidence you’ll find that I’ve been at your home is the exquisitely prepared cuisine and its inviting aroma!

Menu Planning

After our initial meeting, we will create a menu based on your preferences and e-mail them to you for approval. You can also refer us to special recipes, family favorites, something new you read in a cookbook or website, and we will try to accommodate those wishes as well.

The Cook Date

We will shop for all the groceries the day of your service, and choose the freshest fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, along with any other items.

We’ll come to your home with our equipment, prepare the meals, package and label them, leave them neatly in your fridge or freezer, and do all the clean-up. All that will be left are instructions for heating and serving your meals, plus the inviting aroma of food!


Depending on your needs, I can package your food in disposable or reusable containers. Depending upon your preferred storage method, container fees can be as low as $25 for the plastic reusable containers (these will be required and ready for usage for each cooking date), or average between $150 to $200 for Pyrex (the best and safest way to freeze, thaw and reheat food), but a minimum one-time start-up fee of $175 plus my fee ($35 non-refundable and goes toward the payment for my time, and gas for this service) is required if I am to purchase Pyrex or Corningware containers.  All containers will be the property of the clientAll containers should be made available for each additional cook date on an as needed basis.  This will be thoroughly discussed during your Client Assessment.


It is customary to pay for the service in advance of your cook date ($275 cash). If you prefer I will collect payment via Paypal for the personal chef service in addition to the grocery deposit ($250) and the container fee (if necessary $25 or $150) on the day we do the assessment. There is no need to sign a long-term contract and you can use my services as often as you like.  Prices are always subject to change without notice so, in an effort to secure your rate, a contract is advisable.

Special Diets and All Organic

Depending on your specialized diet, the research involved and shopping requirements, an additional fee will be required.  All organic is extra because additional shopping time is often involved.  Please contact me for more information and an exact price quote.

Additional Terms & Conditions

For locations 20-30 miles from Rhadiyah’s home address requires a $15.00 travel fee.

For locations 31 to 50 miles from Rhadiyah’s home address requires a $25.00 travel fee.

For locations over 50 miles but less than 300 miles from Rhadiyah’s home address requires a travel fee of $0.54 per mile to and from Rhadiyah’s home address.

Locations 300 miles and over, from Rhadiyah’s home address requires the client to book hotel room and airfare in addition to Rhadiyah’s service rates. Please also note that in order to travel this distance I am required to travel with a male relative and any airfare would have to also involve payment of his airfare as well.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of time!  Personal Chef Service makes a thoughtful gift for:

      New parents
      Someone returning from the hospital
      Weddings and anniversaries
      Great clients
      Giving your hardworking loved one a break

Gift certificates are generally priced on an all-inclusive basis.  Please contact me for an exact price quote based on the needs of the recipient.  Recipients make selections from a special menu of client favorites, but may upgrade if they wish.


A biweekly, monthly or as-needed service of three, four or five “freezer-friendly” entrees, each with an appropriate side dish of a seasonal vegetable, potato, rice, pasta or grain, salad, quick bread or soup.  Prices shown are a base price for up to five servings of each meal; additional servings are extra.  Precooked protein portions are typically six to eight ounces per serving.


♦     Meal Plans

All menus will consist of entrees with some side accompaniments, where the amount of servings can vary depending on the number of people.

Number of Meals Number of entrees, and servings Price*
6 meals 3 entrees, 2 servings of each
3 days of dinner for a couple
3 days of lunch and dinner for an individual
6 days of dinner for an individual
8 meals 4 entrees, 2 servings of each
4 days of dinner for a couple
or 4 days of lunch and dinner for an individual
10 meals 5 entrees, 2 servings of each
5 days of dinner for a couple
or 5 days of lunch and dinner for an individual
12 meals 3 entrees, 4 servings of each
3 days of dinner for a family of four
3 days of lunch and dinner for a couple
16 meals 4 entrees, 4 servings of each
4 days of dinner for a family of four
or 4 days of lunch and dinner for a couple
20 meals 5 entrees, 4 servings of each
5 days of dinner for a family of four
or 5 days of lunch and dinner for a couple
40 meals 5 entrees, 8 servings of each
10 days of dinner for a family of four
20 days of dinner for a couple|
or 20 days of lunch and dinner for an individual


Appetizers Price Servings
Sides $30 4 servings
Soups $40 4 16-oz servings
Salads $40 4 servings

Click here to see our menu ideas!

***Earn a $10 discount on your service when you refer! Your referral has to have mentioned your name and paid for a service in order for you to qualify!  $10 off each service per referral!***

Cancellation Policy

♦    Please notify us at least 3 days (72 hours) before a cook date if you must cancel to avoid a $75 cancellation fee. Rescheduling is subject to availability.  Any cancellation made after 72 hours from booking your cook date and/or event, will result in a loss of all monies paid to Rhadiyah Hutchen, LLC.

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