Getting Right For Ramadan Detox Course

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Getting Right For Ramadan 29-30 Detox Course

✓ Increase Your Ibaddah with MORE Energy

✓Increase Your Memory

✓Lose Weight

✓Eat Healthier

As someone who has struggled with health issues for many years, I experienced a lot of trouble with sweet cravings, memory lapses as well as focusing on tasks that accompanied my sugar cravings. I am saying all of that to say that I know how it feels – difficulty focusing or constantly forgetting things and/or resisting the sugar cravings! But alhamdulillah I found a solution that worked for me; thus enabling me to enjoy life more. Realize it or not, illness as well as detoxing from carbs and/or sugar begins with what we eat or don’t eat– we need to begin to include certain foods as well as minimize and/or eliminate certain foods so that we can become more healthy in order to stop our cravings in its tracks, insha Allah!

Upon sharing this particular solution, with Allah’s help I have been able to help many of people just like you to do the same thing – knockout their addictions to the point where they are now able to feel better, alhamdulillah! For some this process has taken several weeks to several months and some several years, but now I have been blessed to share with you how you can do it in 29-30 days, insha Allah wa bi’ithni la.

So many of us make a commitment to give up certain things (watching tv, etc.) during this blessed month so as to include extra time to read the Qur’an, and increase our acts of charity, for the sole purpose of attaining more blessings in the hopes of getting closer to our Lord insha Allah.  Why not also include taking a small break to give up the junk foods we love so much that are only zapping us of the much needed energy we need to increase our stamina for the Taraweeh prayers???

Ready to get started???

The 29-30 Day Getting Right For Ramadan Course is here to help!  Here you will find an easy, whole food-based, customizable program to follow called Getting Right For Ramadan.

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Getting Right For Ramadan Guide Book contains 78 pages worth of menu plans, shopping lists, journal pages, recipes for each day of Ramadan; suggested exercises, athkar, and breathing techniques.

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For those of you who opt in our Slim & Sassy Wrap & Learn Weight Release & Lifestyle Change Challenge, I am wiling to give you FREE access to this download!!!  That’s right, FREE access!  All you have to do is contact me with your IPC # and order #.  Please click this link in order to get started!  Offer ends May 31st.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Asalamualaikum Rhadiyah!
    I would live to view your 1 day detox plan for free.
    I would like to get healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically during the month of Ramadan.

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    Wa alaiki salaam wa rahmatullah!

    Just click this link and insha Allah you will be well on your way! Afwan, baraka Allahu fiki. Please be sure to share your results insha Allah.

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