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“After having utilized the suggestions made by Rhadiyah I began to notice the dark color in my toenails disappeared and my nails became lighter. I learned that the dark color in nails is caused by some type of fungus, so maybe the fungus disappeared. Also I notice that my carpal symptoms had lessened as well. And I just felt good over all.”




“I have been using the rezealient living probiotics and alfalfa powder for over six months and my health has improved greatly .. Best of all my three girls love to drink it too. So happy I’ve finally found away to get good nutrition into my girls. Thanks Rhadiyah!”  Laila juwani (UAE)


“I have tried a number of “so called” energy supplements. None has done the job that Living Feast has done. It lives up to the promise it makes. I have super energy that lasts throughout the day without a crash of energy afterwards. I love it because it is easy to mix in my juice and very palatable, unlike some of the others I have tried.” Nadiyah Seeraj (Alabama)


“From the Free Coaching demonstration Rhadiyah and I were able to come up with something that I could begin doing right away! Her suggestions were practical and very easy to implement. Her course of treatment and advice were tailored to suit my body type and my personal/work/social lifestyle. I began to notice substantial improvements within a week. All this from only the initial free consultation. I would recommend coach Rhadiyah to anyone as she combines an approach which is ethical, as well as genuinely caring with a deep understanding of the workings of the human body.” Umm Abdullah (UAE)


One of my latest testimonials from one of my clients who received a full body stone massage from me: “Subhanallaah!!…OMGoodness! I just experienced the most relaxing body massage ever by Rhadiyah F Hutchen www.rhadiyahhutchen.com- Click ‘Services’…My legs, my feet, my back, my arms, my stomach, my neck, my ears, and my face & head feels OH SO GOOD!!! After that walk at Stone Mountain, a shower and this massage…Sisters all I could say is “A Massage Did the Body Good!” Sister N of Stone Mountain, GA

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One thought on “Testimonials

  • Mary Clemons

    I have had several cupping sessions with Rhadiyah. Masha Allah every time there’s a spiritual connection and boost of energy. Reading up on the benefits of hijama/cupping and why us as Muslims should get it done, I was hooked. I get the best detox and Insha Allah the benefits of performing the Sunnah of the prophet!
    So personable and delicate in her work. She doesn’t hesitate to share knowledge and provide suggestions based on the need.
    I also was able to get the hot stone massage… Let’s just say I fell asleep LoL. It felt Amaaaazzziiinnnggg.
    I am now a regular and recommended over 5 of friends, who were also pleased in the service provided.
    May Allah continue to bless Rhadiyah’s hands and allow her to be of service to our community.
    There aren’t many African American sisters that perform hijama so I will continue to speak of her work and send sisters her way.